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June 2, 2011

Life in MMU, Malacca

Hello I am now in Malacca!
Yeah.. continue my study at
Multimedia University, Malacca Campus.
everything is okay here,
the accommodation close to all amenities.

so here u go, my new bedroom!
dekat Emerald Residence
nice kan?
semua ikea tau!
Thanks to MMU..

and this, almari pulak..
black and white.. :D

and this is my
"we are wolves with a huff and a puff
till you turn curry puff"

Yeah.. New friend here..
Her name is OCY ;)

So, this is our OC..
start from left,
TJ, Astroboy, Afro?? and papawolf..

Thats all for today..
and I was very busy during the orientation week..

Bye and thnks for reading! :p

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