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January 24, 2011

SUNBIRD so cute!!

i want to story about 'Sunbird'
This may make you wonder why I post about this.
Try to look at the pictures of this bird.

I search this picture and i take it from Google.
the bird's name is 'Sunbird'


This is the story of this bird.
This bird has a nest in my backyard.
The first view, I thought it was a "sarang tebuan".
but my mom told me that it is a bird's nest.
so i just take a look, because the nests are made of,
"tali rafia, a bit cebisan sarang tebuan, ranting pokok, batang daun, etc"
This make me afraid to touch it :p

okay, here you go the real one, captured by me!

can you see what is in the bird's nest?
so cute right?

now, this bird sudah bertelur dua biji..
just wait for it to hatch.

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