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January 30, 2011

romantic dinner..?

Yes, I am talking about a romantic dinner.
I hope it will become true.
I want to spend time with my boyfriend on Valentines day.
And i hope he will give roses and chocolate,like what he did last year :p

-so cute-

maybe we can make this at 'pantai PD'?
and this is what we call
'picnic di malam hari'

or maybe this at belakang rumah saya?
but make sure you 'nyalakan' all the
candles okay my dior.

or book a place like this..??
tapi macam takda je tempat macam ni kt M'sia?
ohh okay.. so you just have
to wait until i go to Russia
in December 2011 :p

"i hope i could have one of this"
sayang please make it true...


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