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October 25, 2010

IMY :')

Missing you... a feeling if missing you.. Loving you.. a feeling of having you near me.. Though you're far away.. you're always in my heart.. I feel you close to me in dreams, in reality, in feeling.. You're the sunshine that touch my face and touch my heart in the new morning each day.. I'll never forget all the loving words you said :( It touch my heart so deep..

Please tell me...
How can i survive without you?

Can't you see my tears just falling down once again on my face at this lonely endless night? It's all because of missing you..

Sometimes i hope.. that i didn't love you deep, so that i would not be so pain like now because to be so far apart from you.. But i must tell you, I am sorry that I can't stop loving you this deep because my feeling tell me that no one that i love as deep as i love you..

You're the only one having the key to my heart.. My love will run deeply each passing days at this lonely night here..

I just want to say 'I Love You'.. Can you feel what i feel?

For the first time in my life, I wanted someone I could keep to treasure my heart and my soul.. and to hold me in my sleep. And I still wish that we could have that true love and forever.. but reality stole my happy ending.

If i ask, what would you say? Would you dare to throw it all away?

The words 'I miss you' can not display the depths of how i care. I can't stop thinking about you.. Wondering if you thinking of me too.

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