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November 17, 2009

B y g o n e 'be' B y g o n e

In the beginning all i thought of was you. I was so crazy, i thought it was love <33 You lit up my life with your smile ;) and your charm. I've never said how much i think of you. I've never told you my feelings true. Too scared of what other people might think or knowing i can't have you. I always thought of us as friends, but i want more. I'm scared to text, afraid to call and frightened of what u'll say. If you find out my true feelings for you, will you push me away? I try to hide my true feelings but its my own eyes that betray. I want to give you everything. I would give you my all, my entire world. If i wasn't so afraid of the fall, u take me as you find me but you don't know what's inside. Little do you realise. The feelings that i hide. Every morning when i wake up, to all sunset that I've seen. If I'm not thinking of anything else. I'm thinking of you in between i tremble with each fleeting glance. But my heart is brave and true. My only weakness that's killing me. Its knowing i can't have you.

Lissa Nadzrin

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