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March 6, 2011

Thank You Roxy

Today is Sunday.. but what i wanna talk is about yesterday :p
okay.. my birthday is coming soon, and as one of Roxy's members.
I can redeem a birthday voucher for my upcoming birthday..

so here you go the picture of the voucher

Birthday Voucher from Roxy

Roxy give me 4 x RM50 = RM200
The voucher shall be used for redemption of minimum purchase of
RM200 nett in a single receipt.
and unfortunately, not valid with any discount, promotions, nor best buys :(

because I will not be shopping as much as RM800 for all this,
I will give 3 vouchers to those who want shopping Roxy before 18 March 2011
because this voucher valid untill 18 March 2011.
who want this voucher, u can comment this entry and gimme your email ;)

Thank You..


Syamim Shukri said...

xde org nk voucher u

Lissa Allemanda said...

u nk eh? :p dorg tu malu2 tu..

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