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March 22, 2011

Give Up

i already missed three days to make the '30 day challenge'
it is because i feels like butterfly in my stomach..
and i think i'm give up to continue that challenge :p

I'm lazy!


yesterday i went out to klcc with my BFF.

we're going to watch
'Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa'


and the most interesting thing is,
tomorrow, everybody who sat for SPM 2010
will know what kind of result they get.
and i don't have any target for my SPM
and and
i don't know whether i will cry
because of happiness
or because i am useless.

bak kata Mawas from 'HMM' :
"empangan jika sudah pecah,
manakan boleh ditahan air nya"

meaning :
kalau dah rasa nak nangis
mana boleh tahan air mata
dari menitis.

hahahahahaha :p

okay then,
we'll see what i will get for my SPM result
tomorrow :D

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