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December 18, 2010

what do you think about this?

boyfriend: i just call my ex-girlfriend. she dont want to say anything. i ask her why she do all this thing to me. but she never answer it.. and now, i feel like ..... huarrhhghh!! im so sad :(

girlfriend: okay calm down my dear. i want to ask you. what was your first question you ask her when she suddenly pcik up your call?

boyfriend: i ask her why she do all this thing to me.. hmm :(

girlfriend: ok dont be sad. call her back. first question, ask her what she's doing right now. and then ask her 'how are you' because its been so long you're not contact with her. after that, you can ask her everything that you want to know.. get it?

boyfriend: okay. thanks.. i'll call her. after i call her i'll call you back.. okay, bye.

girlfriend: okay..

(few minutes later)

boyfriend: hey, you're right! she answer every single thing that i ask her. and im happy right now. thanks a lot! i love you!! :D

girlfriend: okay thats good.. i love you too :(

boyfriend: okay lets continue our conversation.. sms-ing??

girlfriend: okay.. u sent me first :(

boyfriend: okay..

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