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November 20, 2009

Dreams Come True

All u have to do is believe a lot happens in life, a lot of it we don't know why its happens. So, don't stress at those little things in life. Time goes by and things get better. Don't let today worry and upset get u down. It ruins your chances of happiness for tomorrow. Don't cry what might have been don't live in the past, live for today and cherish what u have. Sometimes u only have one chance to make the right choice, so make it the right choice with no regrets. What if tomorrow never come? everybody has a wish, the difference is that they only come true if u try. Every second u waste being upset is a second of happiness u can get back. Live life to never full as u're never live life before. Take all your chances, love like u're never been hurt. Theres always that someone special out there for everyone, some people just find them sooner than others, but once u have them - Don't let it go. Don't give up on the things you want, work for what u want. Your dreams will eventually come true. Life is too short, never give up. If its meant to happen it will, all things happens for a reason.
Lissa Nadzrin

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